Our Products

The vocations that are taught and practised at Muskaan include making spices; block printing; making food products like cakes, cookies, pickles and preserves; making stationery items; making decorative lamps and candles; weaving cloth;making jewelry; processing flowers and art & craft products

Our Product lines are segmented in three categories: 


1. Lifestyle:

Muskaan students make a variety of products which are very popular in current life style of people. Decorative diyas, variety of beautiful candles, gift stationary, table-mats, coasters, paper-mache bowls etc. are some of the products which provide opportunity for creative talents as well as productive activity.

We at Muskaan try our best to minimize wastage by converting it into usable products. Recently we started making table mats from wasted strips of stationary paper, an addition to our product line.

2. Food:

It is fascinating to see Muskaan students engaged in making variety of food items including bakery products, spices used in Indian cuisine, pickles, squash and snacks etc.

It provides work to many students with varying level of ability and they feel proud about their work as it has given them an opportunity to prove their self-worth. The students themselves use these products which makes them enthused about their work.

3. Artifacts:

Started in 2008 with the support of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), this unit began as an experiment to address the needs of the students who have moderate to severe intellectual disability and more challenging learning difficulties. They constitute approximately 50% of the intellectually disabled population. Our long experience of working with intellectually challenged children and adults has shown us the healing and therapeutic value of art, music and dance etc. in their lives. Art is a powerful medium of self-expression and it becomes even more important for those who have limited means of expressing themselves.

Expressive Art Therapy is a well-recognized and upcoming field. It has special relevance for people with special needs as often their psychological and emotional needs go unrecognized. It has grown as a part of our curriculum as well as a therapeutic tool for children  with emotional and behavioural problems. This also provides an opportunity to all our students to choose art & craft activities as a hobby which allows them to engage with activities in playful  manner.