What we do

We are an adult training centre for persons with intellectual disability, focussing on building individual capacities –cognitive, social, vocational, emotional and physical. Our trainees are exposed to wholesome activities, which nurtures their mind and body and enables them to express clearly through variety of activities.

Every new entrant to Muskaan is evaluated on two parameters – current functioning level and needs. They are exposed to all modules by rotation. Eventually the individual is placed in the activity that he/she is best suited for.

Those who are unable to join the learning centre are provided home-based training.

Besides training, Muskaan provides wide-ranging prospects for adults with intellectual disability as adulthood is the longest period of a person’s life. We have adequate and appropriate opportunities for employment, friendship building, recreation and counselling. Our residential facility provides safe and dignified living.

These programmes have taken shape over the years, triggered by the multi-dimensional needs of our work associates. We  designed activities to fulfill these needs, some worked others were shelved. These path-breaking strides turned into sustainable practices, which we are happy to share with others.

In a nutshell, Muskaan provides Vocational and Life Skill Training, Employment Services and Family Support Services & Residential Facility or group home. We Retail nearly 200 Products that are made by our work associates in Muskaan. In addition, we spread Awareness about intellectual disability and undertake Advocacy campaigns.
Our most recent endeavour has been to set up the Residential Facility – Dera. It is an answer to a unique concern – aging parents’ and caregivers’ worry about the future safety and security of their intellectually-challenged children