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We believe in you, in collaboration, joint efforts and interesting ideas. We are convinced that volunteerism can transform the pace of development as more and more people contribute their time and energy. We integrate volunteerism into our planning, development and mobilisation of resources.
Community support has been an important part of Muskaan’s journey. People have stepped forward from all walks of life – club members, office goers as well as school and college students – and extended their time and effort to make a difference.

It is humbling to know that whenever, we have called for assistance, people have responded in droves. We at Muskaan, thank our volunteers for their work, effort, ideas and involvement.

If you are a member of a sports club, rotary or lion’s club, a member of a local community group or having friends and family raising funds for intellectually disabled adults, we’d love your support. We have some ideas and welcome the loads of ideas you may have. As a student, teacher, parent or just friend of a school, you may ask the Principal to support Muskaan. Even if schools support us for a day, a week, a term the whole year, students can make a real difference to the lives of persons with intellectual disability. College students around the NCR region, constantly amaze us with different ideas of fundraising. So whether you’re part of your college’s CSR group, club or just want to do some fundraising we value your effort and support. A small event at work can be fun and a great morale booster. A better understanding of persons with intellectual disability may make other departments and teams join in.

No matter what you plan, we can help. Do take some photos and share them with us. Here are some ideas

  • Walk at a convenient location – raise awareness and funds by charging a participant fee.
  • Bake sale of Muskaan bakery items
  • Art exhibition of Muskaan trainees art work
  • No matter what you plan, do let us know so that we can help. We can send some decorations, standees and leaflets for your event. We can also provide a presentation on Muskaan.

Advocate, Be Our Voice

Enthusiastic people who have the zeal to help and can spare time every month are Muskaan Ambassadors who inspire audiences to support the work done at Muskaan.

Ask yourself – Are you moved by the issues of learning disability?
Are you looking to take on a new challenge and meet new people
in your community?

If yes, and you have the gift of the gab or professional experience in public speaking, please spare a few hours a month to help people with intellectual disability. We would love to hear from you. For more information on the Volunteer Speaker Role, please contact Abha Karl.

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Creating awareness about MuskaanFundraisingOrganizing eventsAssisted employment opportunitiesMarketingProcess Improvements

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